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GPS Monitoring System : The One Tool Fleet Owners Need & Drivers Love

May 19, 2023


Managers love fleet management software because it lowers operating costs, increases customer satisfaction and protects business assets. But did you know drivers also love GPS-based monitoring systems? Various software features can improve driver satisfaction and performance.

Performance Monitoring

The software collects performance data like speed, driving patterns, idling time, and fuel consumption. Drivers who are being monitored are more likely to adhere to company procedures and policies.

Data analysis can even help drivers and managers reduce fuel and maintenance costs. Drivers who can see their performance statistics are more aware of their impact on business costs. It gives them an understanding of how their actions affect their own paychecks, affects the business overall and their own importance as employees themselves. Sometimes there’s no greater way to empower your employees than to give them greater ownership in the company and a greater view of the role they play in making your company great.

The software also provides information managers can use to identify areas that may require additional employee training. Sometimes drivers don’t know that a certain behavior is problematic. Help them improve the situation before it becomes a disciplinary issue or becomes money thrown out the window.

Performance monitoring makes it easier to recognize and reward drivers who perform well on a consistent basis. Statistic-based incentive programs can be instituted to encourage desired performance.

Event Reporting

Safety is a big issue for every driver. Event reporting capabilities let you know, in real time, when something happens to one of your vehicles. This information helps you keep your drivers safe in almost any situation.

Managers can program software to electronically alert them when things like sudden stops, aggressive driving or other particular behaviors happen. This information gives you an accurate picture of what your driver must negotiate, and can help managers and drivers identify and correct costly routing issues.

Over-the-road drivers and others with longer routes can be vulnerable on isolated roads. Event reporting alerts you in the event of an accident, so you can send help right away (further emphasizing the relation between you and your workers.

Customers love event reporting as well. Software features allow you to alert clients to delays like accidents and traffic jams with updated delivery/arrival times. Increase customer satisfaction, lower driver stress, and protect your assets all at the same time with Zubie.

Fleet management software makes happy drivers. Happy drivers are less likely to quit, which means you pay less for recruiting and training. No matter which part of this service you fancy the most, managers, business owners, customers, and employees alike are falling in love fleet management software.

Find out what Zubie is capable of with your business today.


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