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Changing Driver Safety Trends in 2023

June 7, 2023

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A car accident is every driver’s worst nightmare. From a fleet manager’s perspective, car accidents — obviously safety concerns aside — can simultaneously cost business and cost money. On the one hand, car accidents can often cause individuals to need car rentals while their car is in the shop. In that way, like it or not, car accidents drive more business to rental facilities.

Of course, fleet managers also have safety and vehicle health concerns to monitor, and a car accident with a rental can cause major headaches for everyone involved. As such, it is incumbent upon every fleet manager to do everything they can to keep their cars safe and protect the passengers who rent them.

So, what’s happening in the car safety world, and how can your fleet respond to these trends?

Overall Car Safety Trends

Driving habits changed with the pandemic, and the miles driven nationwide went down. So, car accidents and fatalities changed, too…right?

Well, unfortunately, no. 2021 saw the highest level of car accidents and deaths from car accidents in twenty years, and those numbers appear to be getting worse. It’s worth noting that these changes occurred despite more people working from home and not commuting to the office, one of the most common times that people get into car accidents.

What is causing this lack of change when it comes to driving safely? Many factors are theorized, including:

The good news? Technology is rapidly evolving to address these issues and increase safety on the road.

Technological Changes That Are Impacting Driver Safety

The automotive world has never been one that rests on its laurels, and a near-constant stream of technological upgrades has made vehicles and drivers safer. A variety of technological upgrades are now helping to improve safety. These include:

How Your Rental Fleet Can Respond

Car rental fleets face the same dangers as any other driver, as there is always the danger that renters will get into a car accident with a car in your fleet. In fact, the newness of the car to a driver, combined with a potential lack of familiarity with an area, may even increase the odds of getting into an accident.

This driving pattern begs the question: If people really are getting into more accidents, how can you protect your cars and your renters?

Protect Your Fleet: Partner With Zubie

The technology involved in car safety is changing, allowing you to protect your fleet by incorporating the latest tools. At Zubie, we can help. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in tracking your vehiclesacquiring dashcams, or monitoring your vehicle’s health: We have the tools to protect your customers and your cars.

Ready to learn more about how Zubie can help you deploy the latest tech? Contact us today.

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