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Zubie Adds Driver Check-In Functionality to Their Fleet Management Platform

March 14, 2018

BLOOMINGTON, MINN. – Zubie, Inc. has launched a Driver Check-In feature to help fleet managers track location, mileage, behavior, and trip history for alternate drivers in a specific vehicle.

Drivers select a vehicle and “check-in” for a trip or route using the Zubie Crew mobile app, or the Zubie Check-In Kiosk web app. Any trip taken during a check-in period is automatically assigned to the checked-in driver. A fleet manager or admin is able to easily identify the driver in the Zubie trip listings or in the Zubie dashboard under a specific driver profile.

The Zubie Driver Check-In feature allows a fleet manager to keep track of who is driving which vehicle during which time periods, and for which trips. No matter how many vehicles a driver drives, fleet managers can get an accurate view into a driver/vehicle pairing quickly and easily. The feature also allows fleet managers to check-in drivers themselves and assign them to specific vehicles if necessary.

“We are continuously working on platform improvements to serve fleets of all sizes and to support the needs of our customers and partners. Upgrades are made with drivers and fleet managers in mind and are designed to help them manage their vehicles and employees more efficiently.”

  • Glenn Udall, Vice President Strategic Partnerships at Zubie

Zubie Driver-Check-In highlights:

  • Fleet managers and fleet administrators can quickly and easily identify ‘checked-in’ drivers
  • Primary driver assignment is no longer a requirement for fleets that have pool vehicles or rotating drivers
  • Driver Check-In functionality is built into the Zubie Crew mobile app (iOS and Android)
  • Duration settings allow drivers to communicate how long they will be checked-in to a vehicle
  • Fleet managers can check-in drivers themselves or check-in drivers that don’t use the Zubie Crew app using the Zubie Check-In Kiosk web app

Zubie users or those interested in Zubie Driver Check-In or the Zubie fleet management platform can schedule a demo by request:

About Zubie, Inc.: Zubie, Inc. ( is a connected car services and data insights company that powers business enterprises with real-time information about vehicles and drivers. The device-agnostic Zubie platform was designed for businesses and fleets of all sizes. Zubie is also available for individuals and families who want the benefits of a connected car.

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