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Zubie achieves major connected-car milestone, providing global auto makers with valuable vehicle diagnostic and performance insights

June 28, 2016

Zubie, a leading connected-car platform and telematics provider serving enterprises, small businesses and consumers, announced it is partnering with major auto manufacturers to leverage its repository of data and analytics to enhance the manufacturers’ understanding of vehicle performance and reliability.

The Zubie platform, with an active deployed vehicle base and technology that works in almost any car, offers a breadth and depth of aggregated data that reflects hundreds of millions of driven miles. This provides a unique perspective on cars on the road — down to the specific model — that is otherwise not available to car makers.

Zubie has recently entered into an agreement to provide select aggregated data to a top tier global auto manufacturer, and is in discussions with others.

Zubie’s data, collected as frequently as every second, includes various aspects of vehicle performance such as RPM, miles driven, speed, battery voltage, engine diagnostics and other elements. Zubie aggregates this data, and further augments it with information such as location, weather and traffic. This data aggregation and analysis helps paint a clearer picture of vehicle performance, and wear and tear under different driving conditions. In accordance with Zubie’s privacy commitment and policies, the data aggregation utilizes advanced cleansing techniques to ensure that no customer’s private information is shared.

“The promise of the connected car has always been the ability to collect and utilize detailed but anonymous data on a mass scale for many purposes including making cars more reliable and driving more safe,” says Prag Shah, Zubie COO. “Achieving the level of scale and depth that makes our data meaningful to car makers is a major milestone for Zubie.

“Auto makers are under increasing pressure to speed up product development cycles and continually improve quality,” Shah adds. “Our data aggregation and analytics capabilities meet their needs by helping them understand performance and diagnostics of specific models in real world usage.”

Since its market entry in 2012, Zubie has launched award-winning connected-car products for the enterprise, small-to-medium business fleet and consumer sectors. The company has also extended its platform to developers and partners through its ZinC Open API platform.

About Zubie

Zubie is a connected-car service focused on making driving safer, easier and less expensive for business enterprises including automotive, insurance and mobile/telecom operators, as well as consumers and small businesses. The company was formed in 2012, and is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. Zubie was the winner of the “2015 Best Insurance Telematics Product” award from TU Automotive, and the 2016 Tech CARS award for “Best OBDII Device with Software and Services” from Auto Connected Car. Visit for more information about Zubie.

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