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What Kind of Fleet Tracking Features Work Best For a Landscape Company?

June 5, 2019


You don’t need to be tech-savvy to run an efficient landscaping crew. With all the sweat, tears, and money you put into acquiring customers the final step in servicing them should feel like a victory. But it can be hard to sense that without proper insight and the knowledge of your landscapers arriving to their site on time. Or knowing how they’re spending their time or treating your vehicles.

Gathering this information sounds tricky, but in reality, it’s simple with a fleet tracking system. And with a system like Zubie, which is designed to be easy to use, it makes your job that much simpler in running an effective landscaping crew. So let’s go over the key benefits of how you can utilize Zubie fleet management tools.

Tackle Seasonal Demand and Volume

As spring blooms and summer hits full heat, landscaping orders receive an influx of jobs. Crews are now going to multiple locations every day, adding extra workload on your operational logistics. More calls. More planning. More adjusting. In the mix is setting customer expectations. You want the client to know when your crew will be there, and you’ll want to help organize all their trips for the day.

Doing all this by hand can get stressful, which is why many companies use fleet tracking systems to off-load the work. With software like Zubie, you can map routes, dispatch new destinations for crews based on live data, and ultimately keep track of everyone. With many landscaping crews in the field, it’s important to know who’s where and when they’ll be traveling to the next location.

Improve Employee Accountability

With any workforce, it’s not uncommon to see staff slack on their duties. Landscaping crews are not immune to this behavior. Some people may want to kill a little time between jobs. Others may arrive late or take longer routes to get to the site. Having a GPS fleet tracking system helps you keep your employees accountable to their tasks. You’ll be able to measure the time they should take to get to the next location, chart the correct amount of work hours per destination, and so on. Overall, it’ll help you maximize work efficiency and save you money in the process.

Increase Driver Safety

With fleet tracking systems like Zubie, you’re able to measure vehicle performance — are drivers braking hard, accelerating too fast, or exceeding the speed limit? These kind of behaviors can put wear and tear on your fleet, driving up maintenance costs, and increasing the potential for a driver to get into an accident. Having the right data and insight can help you have honest conversations with your crew members and keep them in line with safety standards.

Determine Profitability on Certain Jobs

As you start to leverage a fleet tracking system, you’ll start to have a better grasp on timelines. How long should a job take? How long should the crew take getting to the site? These are just a few examples you’ll become more aware of. But you can take it to the next level. When you notice certain jobs are extending past the time-tables you’ve established, and you know your crew isn’t slacking off, then you can pinpoint which jobs generate return on investment (ROI) for your business and which don’t. You can flag trips to further investigate and make sure it’s worth the revenue it’s generating.


Thinking About How Fleet Tracking Can Work For You and Your Landscape Business?

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