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5 Crucial Metrics to Include in Your Fleet Tracking Dashboard

July 13, 2023


Have you ever questioned if your business is running under the best operations — the most efficient workflows? Competition is always heating up and putting pressure on your customers. If you don’t stay ahead, revenue can diminish.

To you, the strategy is reducing costs and improving customer service. You want your staff reaching more customers and faster. But at the same time, you’re concerned about the vehicles they use. Would this increase costs for vehicle maintenance and insurance?

The solution is simple. Zubie’s fleet management tool, Zubie Fleet Connect. With it, you can measure key performance indicators to ensure crew members are reaching your customers in a speedily fashion while checking on a vehicle’s health. Together, they are the most crucial metrics to report in your fleet tracking dashboard. Let’s go through them.

1. Hard Braking & Rapid Acceleration Reports

Every now and then, people have to brake hard to avoid a collision or someone who cut them off. At other times, your foot may hit the gas a bit too hard and accelerate rapidly. These are natural occurrences, but what happens if you notice it happening regularly with your vehicles? When drivers constantly perform hard brakes and rapid accelerations, it wears down on the vehicle, creating a need for earlier maintenance. This can increase costs for your business, which is one of the key driver metrics to watch out for.

*Note — Zubie Fleet Connect identifies hard braking as a drop of -7 mph in one second or more. The same applies to rapid acceleration; a +7 mph in one second or more.

2. Visits & Trip Metrics

With Zubie Fleet Connect you can set up a “geo-fence,” which monitors vehicle activity within a selected area. This can be handy if you work off billable hours for certain customers — since you can see how long staff members were at the jobsite working. It also helps you monitor if the crew is actually working within the selected area. You’ll be able to see if the vehicle is still running and for how long within the geo-fence. This will determine if the crew is sitting in their truck or if they’re actually working.

3. Idle Time

Leaving the vehicle running wastes fuel, and it drives up costs for your business. By monitoring idle time among your fleet, you can work to reduce those charges. At Zubie, we classify idle time between two categories: Overall Idle Time and Stop Idling. Stop Idling means any instance of the vehicle idling for more than 2 minutes, which is longer than most stops at intersections. This means the vehicle is running without an apparent reason. By watching these stats, you can identify abusers and any routes that have large amounts of traffic.

4. Speeding

Yes, we all speed every now and then. Typically, we go 5 mph above the posted speed limit, but there are occasions where you’ll see drivers who exceed +15 mph above the speed limit. These instances increase risk on the driver and the vehicle to get a ticket or get in an accident. The last thing anyone wants is a school-bus driver going 55 mph in a 35 mph zone. Having a fleet tracking system to monitor the speed on your vehicles can be important, depending on your work. It’s also helpful to know how drivers are treating the vehicle.

5. Engine “On” Hours

It’s also vital to monitor the fleet’s health — the conditions of your vehicles. With Engine On metrics, you can filter reports on overall mileage, distance traveled, and engine hours. These segments allow you to plan out vehicle maintenance, so you don’t run into any issues down the road.


Will Fleet Tracking Work For You?

Zubie Fleet Connect works with trucks, vans, and cars made after 1996. Zubie Fleet Connect plugs into a vehicle’s OBD-II diagnostics port – no professional help or tools needed. Basically, the device plugs into a car, van, or truck like a memory stick and tracks vehicle location, vehicle health and driver safety.



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