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Zubie Announces Powerful New Vehicle Valuation Tool

February 9, 2022

Zubie has teamed with Fleet Consulting Association, Inc. (FCA) to produce a powerful new fleet vehicle valuation tool that will revolutionize the way fleet managers value their vehicles. The new addition to Zubie’s Rental Connect platform will give rental operators detailed reporting on the value of each vehicle in their fleet along with the most accurate snapshot possible of their entire fleet’s value at any given moment.

Zubie CRO, Mark Novak said “Zubie’s vehicle valuation tool takes the guesswork out of buying and selling vehicles for your fleet. It’s going to help rental operators maximize their profit by optimizing the timing to sell its vehicles in the used-vehicle market or to wholesalers.”

Using Zubie’s connected car platform, the valuation service automatically accesses vehicle data to extract:

The application runs the vehicle data through valuation software powered by multiple databases and sends a detailed report back to the user. Managers can easily see the current value of their vehicles along with the potential value, should they decide to keep the vehicles active in their fleet for an extended time.

Using Zubie Vehicle Valuation, rental fleet operators will have concrete, easy to manage data that will give them definitive answers to critical and timely questions about their operation:

Roger Zakharia, CEO of FCA adds “With Vehicle Valuation, fleet operators are better equipped to maximize their assets and reduce their liabilities. We’re very excited to offer this advanced capability to our clients.”

Visit Zubie’s Vehicle Valuation page to learn more about how you can maximize your profits by buying and selling your rental vehicles more effectively.

About Zubie

Since 2012, Zubie’s end-to-end connected-car technology has delivered real-time information about vehicles and drivers in an easy-to-use format to help businesses manage and optimize their fleets. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Zubie was the winner of the “2015 Best Insurance Telematics Product” award from TU Automotive, and the 2016 Tech CARS award for “Best OBDII Device with Software and Services” from Auto Connected Car. Visit for more information.

About Fleet Consulting Association, Inc. (FCA)

FCA was established in 2019 with one mission in mind: To provide the fleet and car rental industries with focused and valuable services.

Today, FCA is a specialized association providing services nationwide. We work with car rental and fleet managers to help them with asset building, fleet planning, and insurance solutions,. FCA also offers information technology solutions and IT support and software systems development.

With an FCA membership, fleet managers and car rental professionals alike can gain access to subject matter experts in a variety of related fields spanning from legal, insurance, and operations. In Addition, we offer our members discounted rates on many leading POS systems and fleet tools.


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