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Fleetio helps fleets of all sizes stay on top of maintenance and reduce downtime, simplify management of driver records and assignments, reduce fuel costs and share responsibilities and data among team members.


Fleetio allows companies to track, analyze and improve fleet operations. Fleetio offers simple and comprehensive management of day-to-day fleet operations like maintenance scheduling while also providing fuel card integrations, GPS integration, all-inclusive support, unlimited account users and mobile accessibility, including productivity apps like Fleetio Fuel. Fleets of all sizes can manage assets, maintenance, drivers, fuel and more in a modern system with Fleetio.


Fleetio’s integration with Zubie provides users with seamless navigation between systems, automatic odometer updates and the ability to see a vehicle’s current location within Fleetio. Odometer readings automatically sync every day or can be triggered manually at any time, allowing users to maintain the most up-to-date fleet data and maintenance schedules.

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What Fleetio does with your data:

Accesses current vehicle odomoter and vehicle health information

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