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Zubie Awarded: BEST OBD-II Device with Software and Services

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Thank you Auto Connected Car News for nominating and awarding Zubie with the Tech CARS Award for Best OBD-II Device with Software and Services. Not only do we want to thank everyone who voted for us, but also our loyal  Zubie users. This past year was a fun and exciting ride filled with useful updates and new…

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Maintenance Made Easier

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For the longest time, we have all been driving expensive and complex pieces of machinery with relatively little help in understanding how to get the most of our driving experience or investment. Our perennial goal at Zubie has been to change that. We started with a focus on safety with features such as location tracking, diagnostics and…

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Wait Happy With In-Car WiFi

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You don’t have to tell us! We already know that Zubie + In-Car WiFi outshines other mobile hotspots. Check out this cool story from COO, Prag Shah, and his recent In-Car WiFi experience: “Yesterday, I pulled into a Thai restaurant to pick up dinner for me and the family. I was waiting inside for a few…

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Top 5 Common Honda Accord Repair Problems

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The Honda Accord is one of the most beloved sedans ever. Excellent engineering, comfort, and reliability are reasons Accord owners often buy the same model again. However, every vehicle will have mechanical problems at some time or another. Here are the top 5 most common Honda Accord repair problems.   #1: Vibration When Braking This…

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We’re Headed To Chicago!

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Join the Zubie team at Insurance Telematics USA 2015! The Zubie product and technology team is excited to showcase our Global UBI solution at this premier industry event. Named The Best Insurance Telematics Product of 2015 at the TU Automotive Awards in Detroit, Zubie is a leading provider of sophisticated driver scoring, analytics, and custom…

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Top 5 Common Ford F-150 Repair Problems

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Our guest blogger this month is Joe Campanella of CARCHEX. Get a Warranty Quote. The Ford F-150 stands out as a worldwide leader among full sized pickup trucks. Do-it-yourselfers, private businesses, and large construction companies all rely on this durable workhorse to get the job done. Like any vehicle though, the F-150 occasionally has mechanical…

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