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Nationwide Partners with Zubie to Make Farm Equipment Tracking Simple


Equipment Tracking Made Simple

Zubie has partnered with Nationwide to bring you equipment management and tracking on one simple-to-manage platform. Zubie Asset Trak, the industry’s most powerful and versatile asset tracking device, uses GPS technology to help you maintain visibility into your equipment on an easy to operate mobile app or desktop dashboard.

Nationwide customers can receive a 15% discount on Zubie hardware and subscriptions.

Key Features

Track + Recover

Asset Trak can reduce the time needed to recover a lost or stolen asset using previous locations, device tamper alerts, and Zubie Location Link.

Monitor Usage

Know precisely where your equipment is and how long it’s been there using customizable geofencing and trip detection.

Simple Installation

Battery lasts 4 – 10 months on a single charge* and the hardware mounting plate makes it simple to install by anyone. The two-wire version never needs recharging and installs easily with additional features for all your powered equipment.

*Depending on how often the equipment moves and ping rate.

Device Capabilities

About Asset Trak

Asset Trak

Smaller than a deck of playing cards, Zubie Asset Trak is simple to install, simple to hide, and simple move. It’s long battery life and wireless recharging make it a great way to protect your most important assets.

  • Rapid & Covert Install
  • 4 – 10 Month Battery Life
  • Wireless Charging
  • Geofences
  • Waterproof [IP67]
  • Low Battery Alerts
  • Motion Detection
  • Tamper Detection
  • Magnetic Mounting
  • 4G LTE Network
  • Small (3” x 2” x 1”)
  • 4 Hour Recharge
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Two Wire Asset Trak

Zubie Two Wire Asset Trak is another a great way to protect your most important assets.

  • Hardwired to Vehicle Battery
  • Detects Engine On
  • Motion Detection
  • Backup Battery
  • 4G LTE Network
  • Waterproof
  • Geofences
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How Asset Trak Works

Zubie’s tracking solution gives you the ability to designate perimeters to tell the device where your equipment should be. If the equipment travels outside of those perimeters, you will receive an alert. Additionally, Asset Trak is able to notify you if someone tampers with or misuses your equipment.

Zubie makes tracking your equipment simple – simple to install and activate, simple to use and interpret, and simple pricing with no surprises and no hidden fees. In less than an hour, your business can start saving time and money using Zubie.

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