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Zubie Rental Connect for

Dealership Rental Operations

Service loaners are a great value to dealership customers, but do you really know what those customers are doing with your vehicles or how they’re treating them? With Zubie you gain intelligent insights that allow you to manage your dealership loaner cars with greater confidence.

Use Zubie Rental connect to effectively manage both your dealership rental and service loaner fleets. Improve inventory utilization and customer experience by predicting if a vehicle will be ready for the next customer. Loaner fleet management is one of the many applications that Zubie can streamline for your business.

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Key Telematics Features

Install Zubie Rental Connect easily in minutes. Our device plugs directly into any car’s OBD-II port. If you have questions, our friendly customer support is available to help.
Access data from the most recent year-make-model combinations across your fleet. Built-in cellular connectivity lets you see the data from your vehicles in our web and mobile application in just minutes. Zubie gives you the most powerful loaner fleet management software available in an easy-to-use application.


Locate loaner cars via GPS and Geofencing data. Determine if vehicle leaves a particular region/state that is not permitted. Keep your rental customers happy by knowing where vehicles are and when they’ll be available.


Set up real-time alerts on vehicle mileage to determine if a driver exceeds daily limits. Alert if a vehicle is approaching a mileage threshold where it will need to be transitioned for sale. Our dealership lot management tools allow you to track the value of your lot accurately with automated updates and alerts.

Fuel & Odometer

Make manual errors a thing of the past, and create a smooth return experience that your customers will love. Zubie can read fuel & odometer values from a huge (and growing!) range of vehicles when a vehicle leaves or returns to a dealership.

Inventory Management

With dealership loaner fleet management tools, you can quickly identify where your loaner fleet is located on a large dealership lot. Get updated if the loaner is in car wash, maintenance, on-rent, or parked on the lot. Manage inventory through Zubie’s desktop and mobile applications anywhere, even when you’re not behind the counter.

Counter Systems Integration

Integrate Zubie telematics data into your own custom Dealer Management or Loaner Management System using our simple to use and robust API.

The Value of Telematics

Curious about the benefits of adding telematics to your operation? Our whitepaper will help you understand the power of data for your business. You’ll learn how to optimize vehicle utilization, which key metrics your operation should be tracking, and how easy it can be to integrate with other business systems.

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