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Introducing Zubie Perks

December 17, 2014

We’re thrilled to announce our latest program- Zubie Perks! Drivers can now earn discounts and offers on car ownership, right in the Zubie app. A study by AAA found that the average driver spent over $9,000 on their vehicle in 2013- and the costs are only increasing. From car insurance, oil changes, roadside service, car warranty, and more, driving just got less expensive.

Car needing an oil change? Simply venture to the Perks section in the Zubie App main menu, click on the offer from Goodyear, and redeem instantly in the app. Want to lower your car insurance rates? Safe driving habits can make you eligible for an offer from Progressive.

Zubie Perks is totally optional and you can opt-out at any time- visit the Zubie Help site for more information on the program.

This is just the start of saving money by driving a connected car. We hope to add more savings from our partners to help Zubie drivers with all of their car ownership needs. Let us know what types of Perks you’d like to see in the Zubie App! Share your ideas in the Zubie Community and on social media!

Safe driving from the entire Zubie Team!

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