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Zubie: Fleet management made SIMPLE

July 23, 2020


esterday, we announced our latest technology partnership with software provider Mapbox. Today, we’re excited to share the team’s blog post, sharing a little more insight about the partnership and why we think Mapbox is going to be a great addition for our customers. Check out the reposted blog below, or view the original blog here

Zubie is a forward thinking, fleet management company redefining the space by making it easy to work with fleets of all sizes. Mom-and-pop dry cleaners, ice cream trucks, and large rental companies all take advantage of Zubie’s solutions.

By plugging in Zubie’s onboard device, drivers can quickly access telematic details reported back to the web application. The UI is intuitive, simple, and now boasts mapping tech powered by Mapbox.Map View
In telematics, real-time GPS tracking is a must, and this means an easy to use map is always going to be front and center. Previous mapping providers forced Zubie’s team to make unnecessary compromises which made their UI overly complicated. To eliminate noise and cater to a diverse customer base, Zubie turned to Mapbox. A custom map style helps focus the attention on their customer vehicles and the activity that matters.

Leveraging the Mapbox Matrix API, Zubie makes it simple for dispatchers to click a point on the map and see which vehicles can arrive the fastest. Thanks to the Mapbox Isochrones API, Zubie can provide visual context related to drive times to specified points. Setting proper expectations around ETAs has a massive impact on customer satisfaction and helps Zubie generate repeat business.

find-nearest-vehicle“It’s nice to know that we’re satisfying not just our customers, but their customers as well.” — David Holsinger, Director of Product at Zubie

Customer satisfaction, made simple. Now that’s something we can ALL get excited about.

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