What is Zubie Dashcam and How does it Help Fleet Managers?

March 1, 2021

Zubie’s newest product, Zubie Dashcam, is our video data solution that gives fleet managers front-facing and in-cabin visuals and delivers the video on the same simple-to-use software platform that Zubie users currently enjoy. Zubie Dashcam is a single piece of hardware that provides both telematics GPS tracking and video delivery functionality, so it’s simple for current Zubie customers to upgrade – just remove the old hardware and install the dashcam. And all the data is delivered alongside Zubie’s other fleet and equipment tracking products! One piece of hardware, one location for the data — simple!


Zubie’s Director of Product, Dave Holsinger, shared his excitement by saying, “Zubie Dashcam is changing the way fleet managers monitor their drivers and fleets. It incorporates both tried-and-tested OBD-II technology and new cloud camera capabilities, which makes it a perfect addition to our fleet management platform. Zubie Dashcam gives fleet managers a full view into their vehicles, resulting in a decrease in distracted driving and potentially huge cost savings in terms of improved safety and driver behavior.”


How can fleet managers utilize Zubie Dashcam? Fleet managers can be proactive about their driver’s behavior. If they observe risky behaviors such as hard braking, rapid acceleration, or excessive speeding, managers can educate their drivers and avoid accidents and the significant expenses that can result from even minor accidents.


From delivery and security to the shuttle bus and luxury transport, Zubie Dashcam includes everything you need to track and view your most important vehicles, keeping your employees and passengers safe and on track. Zubie Dashcam monitors both the road and vehicle cabin to protect against distracted driving and keep passengers, pedestrians, and drivers safe. Let’s dive deeper into all the innovative features that make our solution different.


Historic Video Streaming

Zubie Dashcam begins recording when the engine turns on. Certain driving events will automatically cause the video to be uploaded to the cloud – collisions, hard braking, and aggressive acceleration are of particular interest to fleet managers. Events recorded by these triggers are automatically uploaded to the cloud and can be reviewed in the Zubie platform along with other fleet and telematics data.


Not only does this device give insight into what’s happening inside the car, but it also provides a detailed GPS history of where the vehicle has been and has readily available reporting information on the Zubie web interface for fleet managers to review.


Real-Time Fleet Tracking 

Our world-class telematics, including a live map, detailed trip history, and geofence alerts, now with video.


Driver Performance Reporting 

Improves driver and vehicle safety using high-risk behavior alerts and comprehensive reporting.


Proactive Vehicle Maintenance 

Including real-time vehicle health alerts and Zubie Smart Maintenance – the most efficient way to track, manage, and pay for service, with a nationwide network of 25,000+ trusted shops.


The value of GPS fleet management combined with the confidence of video monitoring in one simple-to-use piece of hardware. Zubie Dashcam helps businesses protect their vehicles and drivers and optimize their business operations. Other benefits of Zubie Dashcam include:

  • Safety and security for drivers 
  • A decrease in maintenance and repair costs
  • Reputation and brand integrity 
  • Operational excellence 
  • Risk management

Zubie Dashcam combines the value of fleet management with the confidence of video tracking and driver monitoring all-in-one. Hardware and software are all in one. That’s how we make fleet management simple.

Learn more about Zubie Dash Cam and how it can keep your assets insight here.

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