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The WHOLE Package: Why Rental Companies Need OBD Technology in Addition to GPS

December 20, 2021

Successful rental companies know how to leverage GPS technology to track their vehicles and improve their operations. GPS is extremely useful when it comes to recovering missing, overdue, or stolen rentals efficiently, and live tracking capabilities allow rental companies to have insight into customer routes and usage. There is no doubt that GPS is an important factor in rental operations, and can impact the overall success of the company. 

However, GPS on its own can only take rental companies so far.  Rental companies that really want to prosper need to elevate the benefits of GPS by pairing it with OBD technology.  Zubie offers rental companies an option that goes beyond simple tracking, and provides rental companies with a comprehensive fleet management solution – Zubie Rental Connect.

What is Zubie Rental Connect?

Zubie Rental Connect is a hardware and software telematics solution based on an OBD-II device with integrated GPS tracking. Zubie’s enhanced telematics for rental fleets has everything you need to efficiently manage your fleet in one place. Rental operations will be able to minimize errors at check-in, increase the speed of both check-ins and check-outs, optimize fuel recapture (revenue), and easily track vehicle maintenance and health alerts and utilization for the entire fleet. 

Improve The Rental Check-In Process

The success of your rental operation largely depends on your ability to efficiently run your business. Zubie’s vehicle reported fuel and vehicle reported odometer are among the top ways that smart, savvy rental businesses maximize efficiency. Zubie has 96% vehicle coverage for all vehicles being operated by our customers. This means the majority of your fleet will automatically report precise fuel and odometer levels. 

The rental check out and return process needs to be swift and accurate to avoid frustration from both parties. Time and money are being saved by having direct access to these critical data elements as customers are nearing the return location. No more costly errors from inaccurate manual reporting, and no more miscommunication on customer usage or mileage guidelines. Both the customer and the rental team can be at ease knowing that the vehicles are equipped with the technology to provide exact mileage. 

Long gone are the days of slow rental check-in lines, and manual data input. Zubie’s vehicle reported odometer and fuel streamlines the check-in process by allowing customers to drop off and go. They no longer have to wait for an employee to record fuel usage. This is valuable for both the customer as well as the business, making it a positive experience all around. This especially becomes a necessity at remote lots or after-hours returns.  Allowing the staff before they arrive in the morning, clear insight to the locations inventory and status of all the vehicles; from mileage, to fuel levels, to battery condition and more.

A Proactive Approach To Fleet Management

When your rental operation has real-time data on rental inventory and utilization, they are also able to manage vehicle health, and maintenance. Without taking a tactical approach to inventory management, operations are much more susceptible to costly, and untimely vehicle health issues. It’s one thing to know when your own personal vehicle needs an oil change, but it is an entirely different beast to know when vehicles of an entire fleet need attention. 

With Zubie’s vehicle utilization and inventory management you will be able to keep track of scheduled maintenance that is necessary to keep your rentals active. Additionally, your rental operation can detect vehicle health issues such as a check engine or low battery charge, before they become a major, expensive problem.

Exceeding Industry Standards 

Zubie’s Chief Revenue Officer, Mark Novak, emphasizes the advantages of OBD telematics in addition to GPS, “Rental companies clearly benefit from GPS technology, and on its own can certainly improve rental operations to a certain degree.  However, without taking advantage of OBD telematics, rental companies are not operating to their full potential, and missing out on potential revenue.Zubie Rental Connect has everything your company needs to maximize your rental vehicle fleet, and essentially improve your company’s bottom line.”

Contact a Zubie expert to help your rental operations exceed industry status quo, and meet their full potential. 

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