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Improving Driver Performance for Garage Door Installation and Repair Businesses

August 13, 2020

Customer service and brand reputation are key to any successful business, but especially for community-based businesses where word of mouth is critical to keeping the pipeline filled. This can be difficult to manage especially if fleets are contributing to your garage door repair business’s brand image. Having a branded fleet is a great way to advertise, as long as drivers are exhibiting behaviors that reflect well on your brand. But how do you know if your drivers are on time and driving safely?

Zubie’s simple-to-use fleet management system can help you monitor, identify, and train drivers to exhibit the behaviors that get you the referrals you want, save money at the pump, and educate drivers to increase overall fleet safety on the road. A fleet management system can take your garage repair business into the future and be leveraged to distinguish yourself from competitors.


Educate Employees by Tracking Driving Behavior 

Zubie software compiles a “driver score”, allowing fleet managers to track and review driving habits such as speed, braking, and hard stops, and can notify you when nighttime driving is taking place, a great benefit for managers who permit employees to take work vehicles home in the evenings. Fleet managers can coach drivers based on their unique driver score and increase overall fleet safety on the road. For even more insight, managers can receive alerts about dangerous habits like hard braking and speeding. Notifications of extreme braking situations may indicate a vehicle has been involved in a crash, which makes insurance easier to manage. The ability for fleet managers to hold drivers accountable results in an increase in safety and a considerable decrease in insurance costs.

Simply tracking driver performance is good, but using the driver scorecard for training and incentives is even better. Initiating friendly competition by comparing driver scores is a great way to incentivize your best drivers and encourage better driving behavior, not to mention build comradery.

Even better, fleet managers can keep their drivers in the loop with the Zubie Crew App. This way, drivers can self-manage performance and connect the dots between their driver habits and their scorecard. Other benefits of the Zubie Crew App include:

  • View their own Driver Scorecard
  • Check how they drove after each trip
  • Get tips on how to be more efficient and safe
  • Get alerted about Engine or Battery problems

Verify Arrival and Departures from Job Sites 

Garage door repair customers value accurate arrival times and this can be provided with Zubie’s system. Managers are able to understand trip and visit activity to keep track of efficiency, manage idling, speeding, and overall fuel usage to ensure drivers are arriving on time safely. Not only does this save money by analyzing trip history and planning routes, but also increases fuel efficiency by improving driver’s skills and gas-guzzling habits such as heavy idling and rapid accelerating.


Monitor Your Vehicle’s Health 24/7

Great customer service for Garage Installation and Repair businesses means not only arriving on time but also never missing jobs. Zubie’s vehicle health data and Smart Maintenance helps you do just that. Vehicle health data allows businesses to easily access information including battery voltage, engine, and maintenance alerts. Having visibility into this data allows managers to protect against unexpected costs and ensure vehicles are running efficiently.

Maintenance scheduling can be time-consuming but with Zubie Smart Maintenance it’s a breeze. Zubie Smart Maintenance enables fleet managers to track, schedule, and pay for vehicle service and maintenance seamlessly through a network of trusted providers at an average savings of 26%. By simplifying the maintenance scheduling process, managers can have full visibility into their fleets and most importantly, focus their time elsewhere.

Interested in keeping your team safe and efficient? Reach out to Zubie today for your demo, quote and free trial.

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