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Which Fleet Telematics Solution is Best for My Fleet Company?

April 27, 2022

There are many factors to consider when choosing a fleet telematics solution that will best fit the needs of your business. Sifting through your options in a competitive market defined by rapid technological growth can be challenging and overwhelming to say the least. It is projected that by the end of 2022, there will be over 20 million telematics units in use, indicating that it is critical to the success of your fleet business to choose a solution that will allow you to keep up with the industry. 

Zubie’s Chief Revenue Officer, Mark Novak, elaborates on the process of choosing the right fleet telematics provider. “Many of the top fleet telematics companies offer similar features and attractive pricing plans. So the question becomes – how do you narrow down your choices and choose the best telematics solution for your fleet? The key is to look beyond the features and choose a provider that is committed to going the extra mile. Zubie eases the burden of this process by not only offering the most intuitive features, but also placing the values and needs of their customers above all else.”

About Zubie – A Top Fleet Telematics Company

Zubie is an industry leading telematics provider with two unique solutions – Rental Connect and Fleet Connect. They both offer an end-to-end fleet management solution that provides both software and hardware for clear visibility into your vehicles, drivers, and overall operations. 

Zubie has been in the game since 2012. Not only have we kept up with the fast paced world of telematics; we are continuously evolving to anticipate the needs of consumers. We believe that every company, no matter the size, should have access to powerful fleet management tools that allow them to track their entire fleet, prioritize safety, and optimize the overall success of their business. 

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What Sets Zubie’s Telematics Apart From the Rest

So why not go with the first company that pops up in your google search? Or base your decision solely on a price? Zubie telematics solutions have all of the most sought after fleet management tools and capabilities and more, making it much more than a GPS Tracking solution. With over 100 telematics providers to choose from, here are a few standout reasons why Zubie should be your top choice for a telematics solution.

  1. Vehicle Health and Smart Maintenance: Zubie’s Fleet Connect provides access to comprehensive vehicle health reports.These reports include information such as engine diagnostics and low fuel and battery alerts. This allows operations to be proactive with regularly scheduled maintenance, and minimize the likeliness of any major vehicle issues while in use by a customer. Additionally, Zubie Smart Maintenance is a maintenance scheduling platform that connects your fleet to a nationwide network of service shops.
  2. Driver Performance Reports: Driver performance reports provide fleet companies with a wealth of knowledge that result in improved safety and operational efficiency. Performance reports help drivers understand the impact of their driving and deter them from engaging in unsafe and costly behaviors. The reports not only help operations see where there is room for improvement, but also can act as a training tool for drivers.
  3. Asset Trak: Zubie has a unique tracking solution for equipment lacking an OBD port such as skid steers, trailers, forklifts and generators. This battery-powered or hardwired device can track and protect all your equipment on one simple-to-manage platform. 
  4. Dashcam: Zubie Dashcam is a fleet management solution, combining video tracking, driver monitoring, and GPS tracking all in one device. Dashcam has dual HD cameras providing extra visibility on activity inside and outside the vehicle. 
  5. Integration and Ease of Use: Zubie makes managing an entire fleet as simple as possible, even for those who are not as technologically inclined. Integrate your existing counter systems with Zubie for a seamless and simple user experience. All metrics and vehicle information is organized on an easy-to-use dashboard. Operators have valuable fleet insights at the tip of their fingers, and literally with the touch of a button. 
  6. Flexible price plans: Zubie offers a variety of pricing plans for Fleet Solutions. Customers can choose a plan that works best for the current needs of their company, and as your business expands, your pricing plan can be adjusted to fit your new needs. All plans include a no-obligation 30 day trial with free returns.
  7. Partnership/Customer Service and Appreciation: While the aforementioned features are all noteworthy, what really sets Zubie apart from other providers is our commitment to customer relationships. It is vitally important to remember that underneath the appeal and capabilities of technology are people. People who want to feel like they are valued as customers, and that their needs are being met. This is the base of a lasting partnership, and is something Zubie strives to create with everyone. With the intent of meeting customer’s needs, Zubie customer service is eager to assist, and is available in a variety of capacities. 

Taking Your Fleet to the Next Level

Zubie’s telematic solutions allow fleet owners and managers to be proactive in their approach to continual growth and improvement. Gone are the days of relying solely on GPS to track your fleet and elevate your business. Zubie industry experts work tirelessly to research new industry and technology trends, as well as analyze data to implement positive changes. 

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You have all the information to make the smart decision for your fleet company.  Zubie experts are ready to help take your fleet business to the next level, and are eager to build a lasting relationship for all of your fleet management needs.

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