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Zubie App Update

September 2, 2014

Our latest enhancements are here, and the Zubie experience just got better. We’ve streamlined the app menu and navigation to give you a better Zubie experience. Read more:

New look and feel-The menu is reorganized to simplify what you’re looking for- the Live Map, Trip History, Driving Score and more. User Profile is now displayed as the first item in the Menu- simply click the gear icon to access your Settings and Alerts (formerly notifications.)

Multiple account support-Users with more than one account (consumer, business) can now easily switch between accounts from the main menu. Just login with the username and password you use for each account!

Multiple roles-You can now add users to the app without inviting them to download- such as a teen driver or senior parent that might not have a Smartphone or need access to Zubie.

Monthly report-Drivers will now receive a monthly recap of their total mileage, trips, hours on the road and much more to keep you in the driver’s seat. More coming soon!

Language support-Both Spanish and German are now supported. The app uses your phone’s language/country settings to switch language throughout the app. Trip metrics and mileage/distance settings use km or kmh when user’s locale is outside of the US. Herzlich Willkommen!

Account linking-Want to change the way you log in your account? Navigate to your profile (click the gear icon) to add an email or Facebook account so you can access Zubie however you please.

We’re rolling out some really exciting features in the coming months- so stay tuned and drive safe!

Download the latest versions for iPhone or Android.

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Happy Driving,

The Zubie Crew

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