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3 Tips for Improving Driver Performance

May 28, 2020

Zubie’s Driver Scorecard is one of the features Zubie customers comment on most often. They love the ability to deliver measurable, tangible insights on how their driver behaviors impact the business.

Without accountability, drivers may not understand how their collective behavior impacts the business, let alone their individual behavior. Driver scorecards give fleet managers the safety and efficiency information they need to help optimize their business.

Driver scorecards can give fleet managers a perspective on how drivers are treating their vehicles and how they’re using their time — and ultimately, help you measure how much risk they add to your business. Data examples include hard braking, rapid acceleration, wasteful idling, and speeding. By monitoring these data points, you can evaluate how drivers are performing in the field and at their job sites.

However, more than monitoring, the scorecards can help you identify training opportunities and areas to reduce risk. Here are a few tips we’ve picked up from Zubie customers on how they use our driver performance measurement tools to help protect their assets and optimize their business:


Be Transparent

Start by explaining how the company is using your fleet management system to monitor vehicle health and driver performance. Help them understand the real impact their behaviors have on the business. Demonstrate what metrics you’re looking at and why you’re paying attention to them. Drivers will understand your actions if you show them how it impacts the business – not to mention, it shows the trust you have in them, giving them ownership in business results. Show them how it impacts vehicle health and drives up costs. If you want, you can relate it to how it could impact wages and salaries (or bonuses). Speaking of which…


Gamify and Incentivize

Everyone likes competition. And everyone likes incentives. Our Leaderboard and Dashboard features and reports were designed with this purpose in mind. Offering weekly or monthly incentives give your employees added motivation to behave in a way that benefits the business. An extra vacation day, a Starbucks gift card, a trophy – whatever the reward, make sure the drivers feel valued.

You can even create teams – one Zubie customer rewarded the winning team with a pizza party at the end of the quarter. You might be surprised how, even as adults, pizza still goes a long way toward improving behavior.


Be a Good Coach

You may be meeting with your drivers daily, but everyone needs a little one-on-one time. Spending even 5 minutes quarterly or even every six months, can be meaningful, and the driver scorecard can be the basis for that conversation. Using the scorecard as an evaluation tool shows drivers that measurement matters and that they have ways to document improvement. .

Your driver scorecard gives you a great opportunity to praise people in public, and coach them in private. And it demonstrates what good performance looks like. It’s a great way to hold your drivers accountable for their behavior – and for them to hold each other accountable and re-enforce the behaviors that benefit the business.


Thinking About How Fleet Management Can Work For You and Your Drivers?

Zubie is fleet management made simple! Simple to install and activate, and simple pricing – no surprises, no hidden fees. For more information about Zubie’s fleet management solution and using driver behavior reports to coach your team, improve safety and performance click here. 


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