New Features in February for Zubie Business

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It’s always a great day when we can announce new Zubie Business features.  We don’t want to pick favorites, but we have always had a soft spot for our “Zubie Biz” customers; they are amazing, creative and never hesitate to tell us how we can improve our services.  And today, we hope we’ll make them a little happier with our new workflow features.

First, as backdrop, when we launched  Zubie Business as a discrete service, our goal was to simplify life for small businesses that involved vehicles and drivers.  Legacy  fleet management solutions on the market were expensive, hard to install and hard to learn, and were bloated with features that simply didn’t matter to small businesses.  We provided ease-of-installation and ease-of-use at an unbeatable price.

Over time, many of our customers have made Zubie an integral part of their operations, and use it daily to track and manage vehicles and drivers. Increasingly, they have expressed a need to take it a step further to help coordinate tasks and driver activity.

New features in this month’s release help dispatchers and drivers stay more productive…and ultimately keep customers happier.  All while keeping our experience just as easy to use as ever.

Dispatch helps businesses find the right driver for the job.  It’s as simple as typing in an address or clicking on the Live Map to find the closest vehicles.  Zubie integrates with Google Maps to get actual driving times based on traffic conditions, and driving directions that can be sent to drivers. Now dispatchers can confidently send the right driver to a customer or job.

Off Hour Usage notifications will alert admins about unauthorized vehicle use…no more weekend joy rides!

All of these improvements come included in the Zubie Business service.  Look out for more exciting features coming soon!