Common ways to increase gas mileage using your driving data

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The average American spends more than an hour ‘on the road’ every day, with millions upon millions of miles being driven every year by the nation’s passenger automobiles. Whether you use your car for commuting, picking the kids up from school, or for running errands around town, your car is costing you time and money.  With just a few small modifications to your driving habits and the routes that you choose to drive, you could save hundreds of dollars a year – and you could shave several minutes off of your commute each day.

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As gas prices continue to fall, increasing the MPG of your car might not be on the forefront of your mind – but this is as good a time as ever to practice efficient driving habits that can prolong the life of your car while helping your wallet and the environment. With Zubie, you put yourself in the “driver’s seat” of your automobile-use patterns – giving yourself all of the data that you need to modify your behavior for the better.

There are a number of ways that you can increase your overall mileage through simple changes to your driving habits.

  • Try to minimize your use of rapid acceleration.  Slamming your foot on the gas to be the first out of stoplights might be enjoyable, but it also wastes tons of gas and is unsafe.
  • Use your cruise control! When you are driving on the interstate, cruise control is a great way to ensure that your car isn’t expending gas unnecessarily – and it also avoids traffic tickets by keeping you under the speed limit. The only exception to this rule is when you are driving in areas with major elevation changes – since cruise control does not deal with hills very well.
  • Zubie monitors traffic patterns during your daily commute to determine the best time to leave your home or workplace for your drive. This allows you to make small adjustments in your schedule to save time and gas – and it can help you optimize your routine so you are only on the road when traffic is at its lightest. For example, shifting your work day from the typical “9 to 5” just one hour earlier can reduce traffic as much as 75% in some parts of the country – allowing you to spend more time at home instead of stuck in gridlock.

Do you have an easy trick you use to increase your gas mileage? Let us know in the comments section. Drive safe!

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