Bigger, Better and On the Web – Introducing Web View

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We built Zubie always with the mobile experience in mind first and foremost. But it’s been clear from your feedback that many tasks and views would benefit from having a browser accessible interface. So we’re happy to announce our Web View which goes beyond being just a dashboard to allowing almost all capabilities available within the Zubie app –  a truly full-featured web-version of Zubie. And it’s available starting now to every Zubie user.

As you many have noticed, we have been gradually extending the Zubie experience and value beyond mobile most recently with our driving reports which deliver stats and summaries in your email on a regular basis. And there’s plenty more coming.  With our Web View, almost all of the Zubie features are now available in any browser, including on tablets. That includes the Live Map, car health details and trip metrics, and even even newer features such as the Motion Monitor. A larger screen makes real-time location tracking easier, especially for families and businesses with multiple cars, or for visual rendering of multiple trips across many days.

We want to make it easier for you to benefit from Zubie, regardless of the interface, and make it easier to seamlessly to move them. Features coming soon include clicking on scores or trip metrics within the email report to bring up the corresponding detail within the Web View. Clicking on a monthly metric for speeding will use the Web View to show all instances where you were speeding.  Or similarly using emailed trip reports to easily tag trips as Personal or Business. It’s all really about combining simple reports in your email with compelling interactive detail behind it.

How to access

It’s simple- access and login using your normal Zubie username and password, or Facebook login.

What you can do

As we said earlier, almost all Zubie features are supported albeit visualized differently to take advantage of the larger screens and easier typing.

  • Browsing trips and metrics is much easier, and benefits from a large map that can show you numerous trips overlaid.
  • Your car’s engine and battery are easily identifiable and full details are also accessible.
  • Searching for a family member or car is as easy as typing into the search box.
  • Activating new cars is also possible with the Web View and a lot easier when you’re managing multiple Zubie Keys
  • Managing Places for geofencing alerts is also supported and again benefits from faster data entry when you’re adding multiple places at one time.


  • We don’t currently support Groups or location sharing of family members by phone location.
  • We provide limited detail of driving scores but will be adding new capabilities shortly

Try it out and let us know what you think!  We would love your feedback and ideas on improving this. Join the conversation on our community site.