Car Shopping- Smarter with Zubie

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My wife and I recently and reluctantly agreed that our sedan is a bit too crowded for our family. It’s just not fair to our spine or our baby’s head that unnatural body contortions and olympic-style gymnastics are required to put our child in his carseat. He’s 2 years old now and a growing boy needs his room! At any rate, since our wife and I have shared a car for the last couple of years, we decided to add another vehicle to our family.

After some research, we decided on a particular set of vehicles to test drive that we believed would be fit for the clan. My wife and I approached both a private party seller and a dealer for test drives. Also along for the ride is the Zubie key and app. For each of our test drives, the key was plugged in to analyze the vehicle’s systems for any reported issues and also gather the True Market Value from one of our data partners,


Whoa! For one of the vehicles, Zubie reported an issue that was not being reported by the car’s check engine light. Good catch! The other two vehicles did not report any issues.

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After analyzing the data from each of the test drives, we pursued a vehicle of interest for negotiations. Using the estimated market value, I kept this in my back pocket for working out a workable price for a sale. We walked away saving money and the benefit of knowing the car was not reporting any issues.


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