National Car Care Month

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April is National Car Care Month and now is the perfect time to show your car some love after the rough winter months! Staying on top of car maintainance is key to improving safety, dependability, and value. Here are some tips from the Zubie Crew on how they take care of their vehicles:

national car care month

“It’s a good time to check fluid levels, air filters, and brakes prior to any summer vacation travel.” -Dean

“The easiest way for me to take care of my car is simply to not crash it. I leave a lot of distance between the car is front of me and my vehicle. This distance increases with our speed and keeps my brakes in better condition. And my Zubie driving score certainly recognizes the value of this easy tip!” -Jack

“I drive a 2007 Land Rover LR3. No one eats inside, and if it gets dirty, it gets washed and detailed. I change the oil when I’m supposed to and hit the recommended service intervals. I have an extended warranty and hope to get at least 150,000 miles out of it.” -Tim

“New wipers for the spring and Rain-X to help the water slide off!” -Julie

“I try to stay on a consistent schedule for changing my oil to keep my engine and turbocharger healthy. Also, based on my New Year’s Resolution, I am more regularly checking the air pressure in my tires and rotating them more often, which decreases uneven wear and helps me get the most out of the lifeline between myself and the road.” -Logan

“I had my windows tinted to keep the interior from fading, as well as keeping the car cooler in the summer.” -Amanda

“Wipe down the inside of your car with an ArmorAll wipe to keep it shiny and get rid of germs- especially areas you touch frequently such as the steering wheel, radio, shift, etc.” -Lauren

“Lighten the load! A few extra pounds can affect your mileage. Look in your trunk and footwells and get rid of unnecessary stuff that you’re chauffeuring around for no good reason.” -Navin

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