Trip Tagging & Fuel Costs

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You asked, we listened- introducing exciting new features in the Zubie App!

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The mundane task of logging business car mileage and figuring out how much you spend on gas just got easier. You can now classify your trip history and get smarter about what your trips are costing you.

“Having the ability to tag my trips for business will be useful when doing my taxes and expense reports- I drive over 200 miles a day selling real estate, and it will be interesting to see how much I spend on gas.” -Zubie User Greg Greer

Simply click the “Tag” button on a trip your vehicle makes, select your tag (business, personal or other) and we do the rest!

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Zubie will send monthly reports summarizing trip history with calculated mileage, complete with a tax-filing friendly backup for deducting taxable mileage.

Want to know how much your fuel costs you per trip? Get a new perspective on the financial toll of your daily driving. We combine trip mileage, local gas prices, and your vehicle’s fuel economy to get an accurate estimate.

In the spirit of Tax Day, these new features should take some of the pain away that comes with tracking business expenses throughout the year. We hope you can have some peace of mind knowing Zubie is always working as your personal (driving) assistant to make life a little easier.

Share your ideas and comments with us on the Zubie Community Page so we can continue to make Zubie better!

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