Zubie Privacy Commitment

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Zubie’s Privacy Commitment

Privacy and personal data are topics that have been in the news quite a bit lately. At Zubie, we understand how important the security and privacy of your data are to you — because they are just as important to us. I’d like to take a few minutes to tell you about Zubie’s privacy commitment.

First off, we treat the data we collect for or from you as private and confidential. It belongs to you.

Will we share your personal data for marketing purposes with anyone? Not unless you expressly tell us we can. To explain: Part of the Zubie value is our ability to make you special offers on service discounts, insurance or other incentives. So from time to time, you’ll get a note from us asking if you’d like to take advantage of these special offers by sharing your personal info with one of our partners. If you say yes, we share. If you say no, we do not.

So what do we do with your data? We use it to make Zubie better and we use it to think about and potentially develop new products and features that would be useful.  We also analyze and aggregate data to better understand overall trends. Sometimes, we might share this aggregate data with our partners, but understand that this aggregate information is never intended to identify any Zubie user. This means that we remove information from the data that could be used to personally identify any particular user. This is called de-identification. An example of how companies use aggregate and de-identified data is when you get an email telling you that home prices in your area are an average of $x. The company has looked at trends and made assumptions based on aggregate — not individual data.

Bottom line, we feel very strongly about our commitment to being transparent about how we use your data and giving you the control to decide whether your personal data is shared for marketing purpose. These are the same commitments we as drivers and consumers would want and expect.

Please review our updated Privacy Policy for more information.