The Future of the Connected Car

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connected car expo 2013

Connected Car Expo 2013: The future starts now

It’s an exciting week for those of us who are at the forefront of automotive connectivity. The LA Auto Show’s Connected Car Expo starts today. Not ten years ago, the Consumer Electronics Show held every January in Las Vegas, and the LA Auto Show barely recognized each other. Now you see automakers invading CES, and tech titans like Google and Nokia with a powerful presence in LA.

It’s exciting for companies on the forefront of the connected car revolution, but it’s just as important for consumers, who are eager to see the latest developments in automotive connectivity; the features and functionality that will help them be safer, more efficient, more aware of their vehicle’s health, and more in tune with how the drivers around them are operating their vehicles.

Sharing the stage at the keynote address this morning are Ford Motor Company’s Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, Jim Farley, and Google’s  Director or Google Maps for Business, Tarun Bhatnagar.

As of this morning, there was no official announcement of any strategic partnership or collaboration between Google and Ford, but the very idea that top executives are sharing the stage? It signals that we’re arriving at a new frontier between high-tech companies and automakers, and it’s exciting for all of us in the automotive and the tech industry.

Since the dawn of the automobile, car builders have shaped the industry. Now entrepreneurs are shaping its future: Big Data, autonomous vehicles, mapping, the Second Screen Entertainment experience. All of these advancements are coming from outside the automotive industry via small, entrepreneurial companies that can innovate quickly and help lead automakers in the right direction.

Here at Zubie, we’re riding the very crest of the wave, and we’re excited to see the collaboration between companies like ours, and some of the greatest brands in the world.


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