Zubie Android App and iOS Updates

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It’s finally here. Zubie version 1.2 is available in the app store and represents a major refresh of the experience as well as many new improvements. We think you’ll love it. Along with this update, we’re also thrilled to announce our Android app is now available in Google Play.

But first on our iOS update…

Since our launch in August, we’ve received lots of feedback and suggestions from our early adopters. While the Zubie Key and the core platform for data collection has been finely tuned, logging almost a million miles just in the past few months, we’re continuing to evolve the app experience based on your usage and feedback.  Hundreds of early adopters have not been shy about emailing, tweeting, texting and approaching us offline, with observations and ideas.

Our focus has been on providing a broad set of features that enable Zubie to continue to add value in daily driving, rather than a flashy toy that wanes after the first few days. And so our challenge is always to make an experience that is simple, inviting and exciting. Which is why we’re so excited about this update!

A flat new look 

While the last version already hinted at the iOS7 aesthetic, this update dives right in. A new color scheme, a lighter and brighter feel, elegant fonts and better use of high resolution fonts. Our creative director is a happy guy.

Email-Based Authentication

You can now signup using just your email address, without requiring a Facebook login, allowing users who are not on Facebook or chose not to link their account.

Ability to invite any contact

Support for email-logins also means that you can invite any contact from your phone book with an email address, to join your family or group for location sharing.

Diagnostics Details – Repair Estimate, Severity and Plan-english Translation

We now provide additional guidance on diagnostic codes that help you understand the severity and implications. A repair estimate provides a cost range that you should expect. The three-color severity indicator tells you if the problem is informational only, a problem that should be look at, or a potential danger to driving. Finally, on some codes,  we also provide a simpler, detailed plain-english interpretation of what the code really means.

Numerous improvements to multi-driver, multi-vehicle support

Integral support for multiple drivers and cars is an area we’ve always been proud and many of our users fall into this demographic. We’ve made numerous improvements and fixes related to driving scores applied  across cars, activation of Zubie keys and tracking when a Key is moved between cars. What was good is now notably better.

Alerts & Notification Rules

Every now and then, there’s almost unanimous support for a feature improvement. This was one. With this update, you have much more granular control over who and what triggers an alert. So if you know you have a lead-foot in the family, you can choose to turn off speeding alerts while retaining others. And most important, you can finally turn off place-alerts for your own car. We have to admit this one was a face-palm 🙂

Drumroll please…

And saving the best for last, we’d like to finally issue a big welcome to our Android friends.  Zubie for Android is now available on Google Play and has all of the same great features and experience as on iOS, including all of the new capabilities mentioned above.  Thank for for your very …umm… vocal insistence on wanting to be included.  We couldn’t agree more and we’re excited to see where we go on this platform in the future.

There’s plenty more, but well let you discover the finer details for yourself. Please update your app now and let us know what you think. We have an active discussion in our community on feature ideas. See you there!

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