Introducing Zubie + In-Car WiFi

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Continuing on the road of innovation, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest and coolest addition to Zubie: In-Car WiFi!

How many times have your little ones been bored to tears in the back seat on a road trip? How much time do you spend waiting on important work presentations to download while riding with co-workers?

Well, we have teamed up with America’s largest and most reliable network provider, Verizon Wireless, to solve the problem of all problems…staying connected on the road.

No more fumbling to see if your phones have hotspot settings…no more eating up your battery to stream content. Just fast internet connectivity that works while you are cruising. The WiFi hotspot automatically activates when you turn on your car, and stays active for 15 minutes after you turn it off. So you can even use it while grabbing coffee. And you can connect up to 10 devices, so there is no limit to how many passengers you can keep entertained.

While testing In-Car WiFi, testers universally shared their excitement about the FREEDOM they felt knowing they could connect wherever the road takes them. What will you do with In-Car WiFi? Keep the kids entertained by streaming Netflix?  Share Zubie WiFi with carpoolers and guests? Deliver a business presentation from the road?

We are excited to hear about how In-Car WiFi transforms your ride! Let us know on Twitter @GoZubie or use #ZubieInCarWiFi.

Zubie + In-Car WiFi is now available for $99.99, plus $10 per month billed by Verizon, at Best Buy stores nationwide and online. Click here to shop.  This device requires a Verizon Wireless account and data plan. Click here to learn more about In-Car WiFi.